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Hints & Tips

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Red    Whilst viewed by some as a rather brash colour worn only by men on the hunting field and by 'ladies of the night', red is a permissible colour and was worn by the Victorians once the colour had been established using new methods of dying fabrics. Prior to the red colour, orange became extremely popular as it was the "new" colour of the era due to different colouring techniques.  

Black Gloves   Traditionally black gloves were only ever worn by those in mourning.  However, times move on and it is considered acceptable to wear black gloves which can look particularly fine if coordinating with a costume where another coloured glove would clash or spoil the overall look.  

Cosmetics    Bear in mind that your costume is a large block of colour, your hat will cover much of your head and you will be sitting quite high up. 

You will be viewed from a distance so your make up should be slightly theatrical to avoid looking pale and losing your features but not like a painted doll!  Research your make up look to suit your costume, take a look at the make up of the period you are trying to replicate. 

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